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Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

  • Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) SOC/NOCGain peace of mind with our 24/7 Managed SOC services, allowing you to understand and respond to potential threats in real time. We will help your team to install specific tools to help
    Our SOC-as-a-Service is designed for organizations that require a comprehensive understanding of their network’s activity. With a focus on user behavior analysis, both on-premises and in the cloud, our SOC services allow you to detect and respond to potential threats swiftly. We offer flexible models, including fully managed, co-managed, or hybrid options, delivering cost-effective solutions that provide peace of mind and robust protection.
  • Cyber Insurance Advisory – Virtual CISO ServicesOur expert advisory services guide you in making informed decisions regarding cyber insurance and provide virtual CISO (Chief Security Information Officer) expertise.
  • Network Security AuditOur comprehensive network security audit evaluates your network’s topology, security, and services, providing detailed reports and recommendations for improvement.
  • Cybersecurity Training and EnablingEmpower your workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to detect and mitigate cybersecurity threats through our training programs. We also conduct engaging awareness campaigns, including cybersecurity seminars.
  • Global Service DeskWith our round-the-clock hotline services, you can access timely support and assistance whenever you need it.
  • The Network Audit Process
    Our network audit process is meticulous and thorough. We conduct a comprehensive review of your network’s topology, security, and services. Internal and external vulnerability tests are performed (also called Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing – VAPT) to identify vulnerabilities in systems, applications, and network infrastructure, including web penetration testing. We also review the configuration of your switches and routers. A detailed report is presented, summarizing the findings, and recommended actions, assessing existing security measures, identifying vulnerabilities, and developing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy tailored to your specific needs and a roadmap for improvement. Our goal is to provide you with actionable insights to enhance your systems, architecture, and monitoring capabilities.
  • Governance Risk & ComplianceHelp you in navigating the Complexities of Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, and Corporate Compliance.
  • Training & AwarenessWe provide comprehensive education (onsite and remotely) and training to empower your staff on how to work and collaborate securely and mindfully and equip them with the right tools and knowledge to function securely.
  • Digital ForensicsIn the unfortunate event of a security breach or incident, our forensics experts employ advanced techniques to investigate and analyze digital evidence. This assists in determining the extent of the breach, identifying the attackers, and aiding in legal proceedings if required. Our comprehensive forensic services ensure a swift response and the preservation of critical data.

Digital Transformation

  • Advisory and ConsultancyUnlock the full potential of your business with our advisory and consultancy services. We specialize in leveraging the Microsoft Business Central toolset for seamless digital transformation. From cloud migration and adoption to system integration using Microsoft Azure and O/M365, we ensure your journey toward digital excellence is smooth and successful. Additionally, our expertise in business intelligence reporting empowers you to make data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.
  • Cloud Security AdoptionAs organizations increasingly leverage cloud technology, we understand the importance of secure cloud adoption. Our team will assess the cloud environment, identify potential vulnerabilities, and implement robust security measures.
  • Bundle Security PackageWe bundle our Security Package, designed to provide you with an integrated and comprehensive security solution. With this package, you’ll benefit from a holistic approach to cybersecurity that addresses multiple layers of protection, ensuring the utmost security for your business.

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